How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in winter ?

   Many people die of carbon monoxide poisoning in our daily life, especially in winter。Winter is the prone and high occurrence period of carbon monoxide poisoning,when using coal stove, gas stove or liquefied gas stove for heating, due to poor ventilation, insufficient oxygen supply or gas leakage, a large amount of carbon monoxide can be accumulated in the room, causing human poisoning.

  Do not stop and turn on the heating in daily life, because stopping and turning on the heating will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, especially when the window is closed, it will cause carbon monoxide to gather in the car and can not be discharged, because do not close the window to turn on the heating for a while warm, even if you want to open it, you should pay attention to let the window retain a certain gap. In addition, in daily life, do not burn charcoal at home, many friends live in small bungalows or live in the countryside, may need to burn charcoal in the bedroom for heating in winter, which will lead to such a tragedy as carbon monoxide poisoning, if you must use coal to heat your home, you must do a vent indoors, so as to avoid harm.

In addition, it is best not to install gas water heater to take a bath in daily life, so that the air mobility in the small space will be very poor, which will cause the phenomenon of carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas water heater should be placed outdoors, and the kitchen is also a place to cook on fire. If there is no good ventilation conditions, it cannot ensure the normal circulation of air. Therefore, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, in daily life, we should install a ventilation fan in the kitchen, which can effectively help the air flow in the kitchen and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a tragedy. In addition, we should not put too many plants in the bedroom, because the plants will carry out photosynthesis during the day. This will absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide, over time, will also lead to people oxygen poisoning.

First aid principles for carbon monoxide poisoning

1. The patient should be removed from the poisoned environment as soon as possible, and the doors and Windows should be opened immediately to circulate air.

2. Patients should rest quietly to avoid aggravating heart and lung burden and increasing oxygen consumption after activities.

3. For patients with mild poisoning, drink strong tea, fresh radish juice and mung bean soup.

4. If the severely intoxicated person has respiratory and cardiac arrest, immediately give artificial respiration and cardiac compression, and call emergency services at the same time. Severely poisoned people must stay in the hospital and receive comprehensive treatment such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber to prevent the development of diseases.

Post time: Nov-10-2022