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Portable EMS Electric Foot Massager, Foot Muscle Pain Fatigue Relief Physiotherapy Circulation Massage

Short Description:

  • Model Number: KBE-113
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green
  • Material: Host: PC/silicon, Pad: PVC
  • Pad Size: 320X320mm
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specification

    Model Number KBE-113
    Color Black, Blue, Green
    Material Host: PC/silicon, Pad:PVC
    Pad Size 320X320mm
    Host Size 38mm in diameter, 15MM high
    Remote control  Size 33 X70 X11 mm
    Conductive Silver conduction
    Power 60mW
    Frequency 2Hz-12Hz
    Pulse width 100us - 400us
    Lithium battery 3.7V / 60mAH
    Charging rated input 5V / 50mA
    Charging time 2.5 hours. When charging, the red light is on and the red light is off when the power is full.
    Work hours Full power work for 5 hours(30 minutes a time)
    Remote control battery CR2032/3V
    Package Packing box X1, Host X1, Remote control X1, Foot pad X1,  USB charging cable X1,Instruction Manual X1,  
    Certification ISO ,FDA


    Product Advantage

    The EMS Electric Foot Stimulator Massager uses EMS pulse technology to penetrate EMS pulses into the cortex, stimulate the nerves under the cortex, relax the muscles, and ergonomic massage can effectively relieve fatigue, and directly stimulate the acupuncture points with pulse to fundamentally relieve pain , Reduce fatigue.

    Product Detail

    • EMS stimulates your acupoints under the feet effectively.

    • Good for promoting blood circulation.

    • Wireless detachable main unit.

    • 6 modes, 15 intensity levels.

    • 30 mins automatically shut down.

    • USB charging battery.

    • RF remote control to switch on/off and level and mode.

    Easy for carry

    Product Function

    > High-grade soft and skin-friendly PU material.

    > Pure silver layer conducts the biological wave faster and more evenly.

    > USB charging, long rechargeable polymer lithium battery inside.

    > Remote control with easy adjustment.

    > Easy to operate and easy to use.

    > Open with a single click,Can get comfortable massage experience.

    > 6 modes, 15 intensity:
    which you can adjust as needed. Low working current, safe to use. It can quickly relieve soreness, relieve physical and mental fatigue, and constantly stimulate and massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet, which can improve sleep and health.
    Using 20-30 minutes before bedtime will make your sleep better.

    > Wireless remote control. No need to bend over.

    > 6 kinds of massage methods, 15 levels of intensity to meet the needs of different people.

    > Even you are busy, you can’t ignore your health.

    > Relax and enjoy the massage.

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