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Postoperative Rehabilitation Walking Boot For Sprained Ankle

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    Pro Shield Walker


    Grade II/III Ankle Sprain.

    • Stable Fracture Of The Fibula,Talus,Calcaneus And Medical Malleolus.

    • Post Ligament, Soft Tissue And Tendon Surgery.

    • Forefoot Or Mid-foot Injury.

    Product Function

    Rocker Bottom Design Assists Gait.

    • Contoured Strut Design Provides Support And Fit.

    • Available In 11’’ & 17’’ Height.

    • Front And Back Panels For Superior Protection.

    • Bilateral Independently Inflated Airbags.

    • The Air Volume Can be Adjusted.

    • It’s important to be lightweight in Achilles rehabilitation.

    • All-inclusive lining for warmth and comfort.

    How To Choose

    √ Achilles tendon boots it or adjustable calf bone Achilles tendon fracture protection rehabilitation shoes, or fold plaster fixed with shoes and can be used as foot prolapse orthopaedic device and so on, so to be suitable for rehabilitation training function, and then choose the style.

    √ There are several types of Achilles tendon boots, inflatable, adjustable Angle Achilles tendon, normal Achilles tendon, inflatable Achilles tendon boots, and different brands, their structural forms are also different. Choose the style according to the specific injury situation.

    √ The color of Achilles tendon boots can be chosen by yourself, like dark and light color can be chosen by yourself, but in the rehabilitation period, according to the doctor's instructions, choose not the same structure of Achilles tendon boots, such as the insole thickness of each period of rehabilitation.

    √ Adjustable Angle of Achilles tendon boots , suitable for four seasons commonly used, according to the need to adjust the Angle of rotation according to the injury to choose this style, but also according to the doctor's advice to do the recovery period to choose the style.

    √ Achilles tendon boots with built-in air bags are relatively comfortable, and there are styles that require a string, which also need to be used according to postoperative recovery

    How To Use

    > Use the Achilles boot at a 90 degree Angle and place three heel pads under the cover.

    After a week of use, recover quickly can remove the bottom layer of the heel mat, remove one every week or one more day.

    However, the removal of heel pads also depends on the recovery of the individual.

    When the Angle is restored to the front heel of the foot can be upturned, then adjust the Angle of the boot, so that the boot in a certain range of activities, the swing Angle is not too large, must be less than the range of motion of the bare joint, so as to better recovery.

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