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Defibrillator AED Replacement Training  Pad For Adult

Short Description:

  • Model Number: TE-D20
  • Sizes: 93x132mm
  • Backing: Foam
  • Gel: Chinese gel
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specification

    Product Type AED Training Electrode Pad
    Model Number TE-D20
    Sizes 93x132mm
    Backing Foam
    Gel Chinese gel
    Liner PET paper printed with instruction 
    Color White
    Cable Soft PVC with Plug
    Label Stick on the cable and outer bag
    Packing 1set in an aluminum foil bag
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO/FDA

    Product Advantage

    √ AED Trainer electrode pads which can be used with world famous branded AED trainer.
    √ Self-adhesive, reusable and durable.
    √ Stable impedance and excellent conductivity     
    √ Reusability: more repeated use without diminished effectiveness to reduce electrode pad each application cost.
    √ Economical

    Product Detail

    •  The pad's thickness is 2.0mm, white foam backing gum.

    •  No glue, no electrical. Substrate is the white PVC, its thickness is 0.22mm.

    •  With card,the thickness is 0.31mm.

    •  With blue and white colour wires, no electric connection, its length is 1140mm.

    •  Single wire diameter is φ2.4mm, with a warning marks and 2pin yellow plug.

    Product Function

    Conductive gel on the defibrillation electrode provides better coupling and enhanced defibrillation, while stably sticking to the skin to prevent burns caused by current overload.

    Defibrillation electrode uses pulse current to act on the heart, implement electric shock treatment, eliminate arrhythmia, restore the heart to sinus rhythm, in order to achieve external defibrillation, cardioversion, monitoring and pacing functions.

    Compared with the traditional defibrillation accessories, it can liberate the operator's range of activity, and has the advantages of high treatment efficiency, quick action and simple operation.

    The training defibrillation pad is used in conjunction with defibrillation pacemaker monitoring equipment for external defibrillation, cardioversion, non-invasive pacing and ecg monitoring in adult.

    This product should be used by qualified medical personal trained in the operation of the device as well as personnel trained in basic life support, advanced cardiac support and defibrillation.

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