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Face Shape Self-Adhesive TENS Patches for Massager

Short Description:

  • Model Number: TE-B23
  • Sizes: 260×210mm
  • Backing: Non-woven/PU/PET/Foam
  • Snap size: 2.0mm/2.5mm
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    Product Specification

    Model Number TE-B23
    Sizes 260×210mm
    Backing Non-woven/PU/PET/Foam
    Snap size 2.0mm/2.5mm
    Gel Chinese gel/Japanese gel/American gel
    Color White, Black, Blue,Brown, Pink,Option
    Packing 2pcs/film/foil bag
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO/FDA

    Product Advantage

    Premium Quality Electrodes TENS Unit Pads do not contain natural rubber latex. Our medical grade tens unit electrodes are non-irritating to your skin, safe for your daily treatment.

    √ Tens unit is so powerful to relieve pain. But when Electrode pads lose their stickness, the tens unit becomes useless.

    √ Quanding Medical tens unit Pads are durable, comfortable and gently adhere to your skin. They are wide compatible and adhere to all areas of the body. And our TENS electrodes pads can be reused up to 50 times.

    √ TENS electrodes pads is wonderful to use which is used for physical and digital therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and electro stimulation therapy, pain relief, muscle shock therapy, sciatic nerve stimulation, and other pain management treats. Treat soreness and tired muscles, stiffness, and chronic pain in the feet, waist, back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, etc.

    Product Function

    Self-adhesive, reusable, durable,Premium-Quality.

    • Conductive gel.

    • Surface PU leather.

     Strong adhesion with skin, no allergy, stimulation, residue and reliable physical and chemical properties.

    • Snap connection with a Size 3.5mm diameter in the Market.

    • More repeated use without diminished effectiveness.

    • Premium-Quality Electrode Pads for MASTOGO Wireless tens unit,Include 4 pcs.

    • Our high-quality replacement electrode pads have a thick, reusable hydrogel layer with medical grade non-woven material backing.

    Product Application Scenarios

    > Wash skin thoroughly and then dry it before applying electrodes.

    Apply the whole surface of the electrodes firmly to the skin.

    Do not use the same electrodes on different people.

    Do not apply to broken skin.

    When electrodes begin losing adhesion, gently rubbing one or two drops of water onto gel surface may extend usage. If not, replace with new electrodes.

    Store in the bag in a cool, dry place between uses.

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