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Mini Smart Electric EMS Massager Butterfly -Shaped Electropad

Short Description:

  • Electrode Material : PVC, FOAM, Cloth
  • Model: KBE-118
  • Machine KW: 60mW
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    Product  Specifiction

     Material  PVC, Foam, Cloth
    Model KBE-118
    Machine KW 60mW
    Frequency 2HZ-12HZ
    Width of Pulse 100us -400us
    Working time 5h  ,30mins/time
    Rated charging input 50V / 50mA
    Charge time 2.5h
    Li-ion 3.7V/60mAH
    Package 1set/box, including machine,specification,USB charge cable
    Certificate FC, FDA

    Application Suggestion

    1. The electric pulse massage physiotherapy instrument has 6 working modes. when the mode is switched. The output current is automatically reduced to 0. button to start work. The 6 working modes have 15 levels of intensity options, with level 1 being the lowest and level 15 being the highest.

     2. The electric pulse massage physiotherapy device runs for three seconds, and will automatically return to the standby state after it does not touch the skin, and the standby state is 20 seconds. If there is no operation during this period, it will automatically shut down. If you want to continue to use it, you can restart it.

     3. Due to the different structure of nerve fibers and skin resistance of each person, users with different unified modes may have different feelings and effects. Users can use each mode during use in order to select the appropriate mode. .

     4. When forcibly turning off the power in the middle, please press and hold the power switch key on the host for two seconds, and the host will turn off the power.

     5. When the remaining power of the host gradually decreases, the current stimulation will also gradually weaken. If you continue to use it, the machine may not be able to be used normally. Please fully charge the battery of the main unit and use it again.

     Use contraindications

     1. Patients who use a pacemaker or have serious heart rate problems are prohibited from using it.

     2. Do not use it when operating the machine or driving.

     3. Patients with cognitive impairment and skin sensory paralysis are forbidden to use.

     4. These two volumes of the carotid sinus and its fist throat position are prohibited.

     5. It is forbidden to use at the heart.

     6. Patients with epilepsy are forbidden to use.

     7. Pregnant women are prohibited from use during the entire pregnancy.

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