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Neutral Electrode Connection Lead Wire For High Frequency Surgery

Short Description:

  • Model: Double parallel lead wire
  • Diameter: 3.2*6.4mm
  • Jacket: Blue PVC
  • Wire Length: 3000±100mm
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    Product Specification

    Model Double parallel lead wire
    Diameter 3.2*6.4mm
    Jacket Blue PVC
    Wire Length 3000±100mm
    End Pin2.0(REM plug)  / φ 6.3DC ( HIFI plug)
    Another end ABS blue upper cover + bottom cover + shrapnel + welded stainless steel shrapnel *2, Without net- tail.
    Certification ISO13485 ,CE

    Product Function

    The product is used in connection with high-frequency devices during surgery and is directly connected to the human body to provide a low current density return channel for high-frequency current during monopole coagulation or cutting operations to prevent unwanted burns in human tissues.

    • It can be re-used as the current circuit plate.

    • Together with the neutral electrode, the product acts as an accessory of the high-frequency electroknife for cutting and coagulation during surgery.

    Product Application

    √ The connecting structure of surgical electrode and electrode head is mainly composed of electrode connecting terminal and electrode head.

    √ The electrode connecting terminal is arranged in the surgical electrode and electrode head corresponding to the end part, the cross-section shape is an open square shape, one end of the high frequency current output end is fixedly connected, the other end is connected with the electrode head cutting point.

    √ At the end of the electrode head, electrode connection terminal is arranged along the insertion direction.

    √ The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, reliable connection between the surgical electrode and the electrode head, convenient replacement, insertion and removal, and is a connection structure of the surgical electrode and the electrode head with proper insertion and removal force to ensure the effect of surgical treatment.

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