Application And Function Of Hydrogel Physiotherapy Electrode

    The hydrogel physiotherapy electrode sheet produced by Quanding Medical  adopts hydrogel matrix and conductive material are used as conductive adhesive layer, and hydrogel is a gel with water as the dispersion medium. It's a polymer network that's soft, holds its shape, and absorbs a lot of water. Hydrogel-conducting polymers, which can react to signals from the outside world (by changing their size or releasing substances), are smart materials commonly used as drug-release systems that carry both drugs and electricity. Hydrogel polymer has good biocompatibility, no skin irritation. 

   Hydrogel physiotherapy electrode sheet is suitable for a variety of low and medium frequency therapeutic instrument. It has far-infrared rays, which can promote blood circulation well. After use, it can also kill the diseased bad cells to a certain extent and range, and the electrode sheet is very flexible. Hydrogel polymer has good biocompatibility and is suitable for any part. In addition, the style of electrode sheet is also more diversified, suitable for most people in need, and its conductivity is good, and the electrical impedance is uniform. In use, there is no need to worry about the uneven current caused by the uneven electrical impedance will sting the skin.

Biocompatible Hydrogel

Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a material to elicit appropriate host responses and material responses in a particular practical application. The ideal biological bone graft material requires good biocompatibility. Due to the intelligence of the hydrogel and its excellent biocompatibility, it is similar to the extracellular matrix in nature.

Some studies have pointed out that stem cells are sensitive to the hardness and structure of the culture medium. And because of the special hydrophilicity, remarkable swelling behavior, dual responsiveness and other properties of hydrogels. Compared with other synthetic biomaterials, it is closer to living tissue, and its friction and mechanical effects on surrounding tissues are significantly reduced after water absorption. It has good biological properties and is widely used in tissue engineering and organ construction. Author: Xiaobian on the moon Source: bilibili

Post time: Oct-28-2022