Distinction Between Monopolar and Bipolar Neutral Electrodes

Neutral electrode is composed of disposable electrode sheet (can be divided into monopolar, bipolar), neutral electrode cable, electrode joint. The materials used for the disposable electrode sheet are aluminum foil, conductive adhesive, non-woven fabric or foam cotton, stainless steel pin。

Monopolar means that voltage can only flow in or out of a fixed direction; Bipolar means that voltage can flow in and out in different directions. The bipolar circuit detects the resistance of the negative plate to the human body. If the resistance is too large, the negative plate will fall off, so as to avoid overheating and burning the skin. Monopolar do not have this function.

Neutral electrode is also known as returning plate, plate electrode, muscle plate or disperse electrode, are used for supporting high-frequency surgical equipment without circuit. The products are suitable for the research departments and operating rooms of medical and health institutions, and the units with high-frequency surgery equipment such as beauty salons.
Products according to the use of objects have adult type ,children and infant type three options; According to the contact range, there are two kinds of horizontal and vertical; According to the electrode type, it can be divided into two kinds: monopolar and bipolar; According to the connection mode, it is divided into two kinds: with wire and without wire; According to the plug form, the neutral electrode with lead can be divided into three types: plug with REM, plug without REM and plug with HI-FI, which can be selected by users according to their needs.
Neutral electrode use environment conditions: ambient temperature 5 ~ 40℃; Relative humidity ≤ 80%; The atmospheric pressure is 86.0 ~ 106.0kPa.
The neutral electrode meets the safety requirements of cytotoxicity test, allergy test and primary skin irritation test.

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Post time: Aug-31-2022