How does muscle after movement recover quickly ?

     Do not stop immediately after a sport or competition. Keep active to get the blood circulating and the heart comfortable.  Active recovery refers to recovery by changing the content of activities, such as finishing activities after exercise, physical and mechanical relaxation and massage, appropriate protein and vitamin supplementation, psychological relaxation and so on. The REASON why positive recovery measures can play a restorative role is that when switching to a new activity, the excitability of the cerebral cortex can induce the surrounding inhibitory process to strengthen, which can deepen the inhibition of the previously tired center, accelerate the synthesis of energy substances, and promote the elimination of lactic acid. The finishing activity after the exercise helps the human body to turn from the intense activity state into the normal quiet state, make the venous blood return to the heart as soon as possible, accelerate the recovery of the whole body, and prevent the occurrence of acute cerebral anemia, blood pressure reduction and other adverse phenomena. Organizing activities include deep breathing and moderate activities, such as jogging and relaxing limbs.


Measures for quick recovery :

1.  The tensile

  Not only does stretching promote sleep, it also improves circulation throughout your body. This means that you slowly stop after a hard workout (remember not suddenly stop completely). Moving at a very slow pace for 5-10 minutes after a hard workout will remove tiring lactic acid from your muscles and reduce muscle pain.

2. Supplement moisture

  You lose a lot of water during exercise, and you should replace it during exercise as well as after. Because water can promote body metabolism, and make the body absorb nutrients faster.

   In addition to making you feel comfortable, it can also make you completely relaxed and improve blood circulation. In addition to getting a massage, you can also try massaging the tight muscles in your own body.
4. Appropriate diet

   After expending a lot of energy through strenuous exercise, you should recharge your body so that it has enough energy to regain strength, repair muscles, and take on the next challenge.
5.  Avoid overtraining

  One of the quickest ways to get back on your feet is to have a good workout plan, with specific times for retraining, breaks, etc. Having a structured workout plan will give you plenty of time to rest and train.


 Muscle soreness is often encountered after exercise, but as long as more attention, good water and nutrition, let the body more relaxed, pay attention to rest, can effectively alleviate muscle soreness. Exercise should also pay attention to their health status and exercise ability, do not blindly choose difficult sports, so as to reduce the risk of injury. 

Post time: Sep-19-2022