How Does Provent Muscle And Joint Pain in Autumn ?

       Autumn wind slowly blowing, summer quietly passed, although autumn brought us cool, but really a lot of diseases of the high incidence period, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain is a common kind, there are a lot of people in life are troubled by this disease. Although neck, shoulder, back and leg pain is not a threat to our lives, but the pain is also painful, so for neck, shoulder, back and leg pain we must pay attention to prevent.

Spinal diseases are the second most prevalent

   Today is a fast-paced micro era. The fast pace of life makes people choose cars instead of walking and reduce manual labor, while white-collar workers stay in the office for a long time and sit too much is the norm at work. In particular, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other advanced electronic devices, on the one hand, make people's life more and more convenient, on the other hand, the long-term desk makes more and more patients with cervical spondylosis, and the trend is younger.
   World spinal health alliance executive vice President and chief expert tong shen said Long Jikang medical institutions, adolescent spinal disease is very common nowadays, abroad investigation data statistics show that children schoolbag weight should not exceed 10% of the weight, otherwise it will on the child's spine multiplied the damage, but the corresponding to this is, in a 2013 survey in the domestic several elementary school, On average, elementary school students carry bags that weigh 18.5 percent more than their body weight, far exceeding the norm.
   The world spine health Alliance third general Assembly chairman, Li Port Chinese medical museum curator Yuan Jianqiang introduced, in recent years, as a result of the change of modern work and lifestyle, spine disease is presenting year by year increase and gradually younger trend, neck shoulder waist leg pain has become the world in addition to the second largest epidemic outside the cold. Therefore, in the spinal health problems more and more troubled modern people's life, pay attention to people's spinal health, pay attention to the daily spine health care, urgent.

Four seasons change old people should pay attention to back and leg pain

  Spring: spring is a windy season, traditional Chinese medicine thinks, "the wind is the long of all diseases, and good behavior and number of changes", meaning that the wind evil is an external pain factor, and the disease has the characteristics of wandering, the pain is not only limited to the waist and legs, but also accompanied by the whole body joint pain, limited activity symptoms.

   Summer: IN SUMMER, THE CLIMATE IS HUMID, THE AIR pressure is low, and the DAMPness is heavy and sticky. After pathogenic dampness, body weight, limb weakness, joint pain and other symptoms are often seen, also known as "dampness numbness". What we usually call neuralgia or soft tissue strain is actually aseptic inflammation, swelling and stimulation of nerve endings caused by nerves, muscles, healthy sheath and ligaments. When it is rainy, some humoral factors in the body change, leading to the aggravation of inflammatory swelling and exudation, so the pain is aggravated, so the elderly are prone to backache in rainy days.
   Autumn, autumn comes, cold is more and more close, do not pay attention to add clothing in time, lead to adverse limb flexion, qi block, general clauses pain, make muscle tissue meridians qi and blood coagulation closed block, lead to local nutrition and circulation problems, especially in late autumn, environment worse in patients with lumbocrural pain, often leading to acute episodes of low back pain.
   Winter: The cold weather in winter can make blood vessels constrict. The change of microcirculation, so that the muscle, ligament, fascia tissue ischemia, lumbar and kidney muscles in a state of tension, muscle function because of local vascular contraction, in a state of irritation, a little careless will aggravate back pain.
 Therefore, to master the changes of the four seasons, pay attention to keeping warm, avoid wind and cold and damp, usually pay attention to exercise, can not only prevent lumbar muscle strain, but also alleviate the back pain of the elderly.

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Post time: Sep-22-2022