Physiotherapy Electrode Pad Classification

   The electrode sheet can be divided into different electrodes according to different standards, such as: self-adhesive electrode sheet, if according to the material can be divided into

1, PET self-adhesive electrode pad

2, silica gel self-adhesive electrode pad

3, silica gel self-adhesive electrode pad

4, other buttons self-adhesive electrode pad

5.Silicon gel electropad can be divided into water absorption electrode , heating electrode pad, conductive electrode  etc

The electrodes are consumable, so they have a lifespan, and it is best to wash the skin with soap (alcohol is fine) before using them. By cleaning the skin to achieve better effect, improve the use of electrodes. After each use, put electrodes back original packaging bags, placed the shade, should not be placed the sun exposure.

   If there are a few dry electrodes, can use a few drops of water is it wet Doing this can increase the service life of electrodes Room temperature can be stored two years of electrodes as part of the medical equipment accessories consumables, it generally consists of three parts, the top layer of the is different capable person, is in the middle of viscose, the last one is from type membrane.

   At the same time according to the top of the material is different, divided into PET; Silica gel; Non-woven fabric; Foam other materials of electrodes, etc., according to the craft that make different, divide again button electrode plate and pin type of electrodes.

The difference between thick gel  and thin gel :

1. Thin adhesive soft; Physiotherapy electrodes are only suitable for low and medium frequency instruments

2. Medium frequency → thick gel

3. Imported and domestic: good stability, good viscosity, repeated use times. 

hydrogel (2)

Quanding makes electropad by three type hydrogel :
1, Domestic gel 20-30 times, quick cleaning, natural drying, drying for half an hour, it is recommended that customers seal preservation, winter suggested wet towel wipe.
2, Japanese adhesive and broken plastic soft 0.75 0.8 mm is easy Good repeatability Long wire drawing; How do 0.9 mm hard forming effect is good, not A bit off Japan adhesive characteristics of
3,American gel :   A gel  industry the most authoritative, dry, no gel falling; Disadvantages: unstable, long delivery time and high cost; 
   T gel sticks 40-45 times, easy to residue gel, unstable delivery time.

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