The Role Of Electrocardiogram Monitoring Electrode

   Ecg monitoring is a means of monitoring the electrical activity of the heart. Ordinary electrocardiogram can simply observe and trace the transient electrocardiogram at that time. And ecg monitoring is continuous observation monitoring of cardiac electrical activity from your screen is a kind of noninvasive monitoring method, can be timely observation condition, provide reliable valuable electrical activity index, and guide the real-time processing, therefore for intentional abnormal electrical activity of the patients, such as acute myocardial infarction (mi), various kinds of arrhythmia has important use value.

 Ecg monitoring is a 24-hour continuous monitoring of the patient's vital signs, including heart rate, cardiac respiration, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Ecg monitoring consists of electrocardiogram monitoring, finger protection monitoring, and blood pressure cuff. It is used in clinical observation of critically ill patients and surgical patients.

 However, some people will be allergic to the paste agent or metal in the electrode sheet because of skin sensitivity, so we should pay attention to the changes of the patient's skin in the process of using the electrode sheet, and timely treatment once allergy occurs.


Scope of Application]

Electrocardiogram monitoring electrode is suitable for human electrocardiogram monitoring. It can be used once without radiation penetration.


1. Select and prepare electrode points according to the requirements of electrocardiogram monitoring or diagnostic equipment instructions.

2. Before using the electrode, the electrode Posting position should be clean, dry and remove the skin grease, so that the electrode and the skin fit, and the hair should be cut off.

3. In order to obtain the Miao Ji curve, it is necessary to prepare the skin, and polish the Posting part, which can be carried out with 3M polishing tablets.

4. The wire can be fixed on the electrode sheet. When the electrode is removed from the paper, the adhesive part should be prevented from attacking.

5. Place the electrode at the center point of the area where the skin has been prepared. The electrode should be pressed and bonded in a circular shape to make the surrounding post firm and prevent pressing the center point of the electrode.

6. In order to reduce skin damage when the electrode is removed, it should be slowly and quietly removed from the edge of the electrode.

Post time: Oct-17-2022