What effect does electrode pad thickness have on treatment ?

Physical therapy electrode is a kind of anti-fouling, deodorization, absorption, inhibition products, with far infrared rays, can better promote blood circulation, after pasting the product, To a certain extent, it can also kill diseased cells, and the electrodes are so soft and flexible that they are suitable for any part of the body, even the finger, which can be completely wrapped, leaving no gap, and the finger can bend freely.

Physiotherapy electrode sheet (electrode sheet) Features:
1, with antifouling, deodorization, absorption, inhibition;
2, with far infrared rays, can better promote blood circulation.
3, pasted in a certain extent and range can kill the diseased bad cells;
4, the use of soft, elastic, can be attached to any part of the body, it can wrap the whole finger without pores, fingers can still bend freely;
5. Various styles of electric patch, suitable for all people in need;
6, good electrical conductivity, electrical impedance per square inch is only about 20 OHM almost similar to metal, and electrical impedance is uniform. In use, do not worry about the use of physiotherapy electrodes due to resistance points for attention:
1, pay attention to clean the skin before use, the electrical conductivity of the human skin is relatively poor, if there is oil, dander and other attachments on the skin, it will affect the performance of the physiotherapy electrode, thus affecting the performance of the device, so we must clean the skin before use;
2, the electrode itself has a conductive layer, directly paste the black conductive layer on the skin to ensure close contact with the skin, so that the current evenly contact with the skin, flow to the human body;
3, conductive self-adhesive plus water care, can make the adhesive sheet to maintain good electrical conductivity and viscosity;

Structure performance: keep the humidity of the electrode, enhance the conduction effect;

Electrode composition: This product is composed of connector, electric cloth, water based polymer gel agent, essential oil and so on.

Scope of application: Suitable for medium and low frequency physiotherapy instrument and therapeutic instrument.

Usage: Take out the electrode, uncover the protective film, and apply the electrode to the site to be treated.

The disposable electrode patch is guided by the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the meridians as the core. Through the stimulation and absorption of drugs on acupoints and affected skin, through the conduction of meridians, it can dredge veins, regulate zang fuorgans, coordinate Yin and Yang, and achieve the purpose of internal and external treatment, disease prevention and treatment.

To speed up the percutaneous penetration of drugs and increase the amount of drug introduction;

Wide range of application, can easily penetrate macromolecular drugs;

Wide indications, safe and reliable, no pain and side effects, no damage to healthy tissue;

Multiple effects compound, promote each other, easy to operate.

Post time: Mar-17-2023