What’s Physiotherapy Electrode Pads?

There are many kinds of electrode pads including massage electrode, physiotherapy electrode, conductive electrode, self-adhesive electrode, adhesive electrode, non-woven electrode, silica gel electrode, heating electrode, breast enhancement electrode, therapeutic instrument connecting wire etc . 

The electrode is making by non-woven cloth,carbon layer ,sticky gel conductive ,release film (PET)and wire connected with the outside world.  And a temperature sensor is installed between the gel insulating sheet and the carbon sheet, and both ends of the temperature sensor are connected with the terminal through a wire; The heating electrode has the function of temperature control, and the inside of the heat dissipation grid, can fully emit local heat, more convenient, comfortable and safe to use. 

Hydrogel material type electrode , with electrotherapy equipment intermediate, but need to be replaced frequently, so as to ensure that the pulse energy brought by the operation of equipment comfortable and effective There are many kinds of specifications, many consumers discard after one-time using.  Actually, it can be used repeatedly,10times is no problem. For the size, you need to measure the length and width of the patch you use; Last , the sizes of the lead and button, but also in different specifications, which need to be determined in advance.


Low /Medium frequency physiotherapy instrument: physiotherapy electrode patch and medium frequency physiotherapy instrument are used together, through the electric wave conduction between the electric wave and the plate, the stimulation produced in the epidermis, so that the medium frequency stimulation is transferred to the deep muscle, to the muscle level, causing muscle contraction, promoting local blood circulation, with the effect of relaxing the muscles and nerve stimulative . In addition, Quanding’s medical electrodes can effectively absorb inflammation and play a certain role in promoting wound healing.

Post time: Jul-18-2022