Where are the electrodes place for TENS & EMS ?

Before applying electrode pads, be sure to wash the skin with warm soapy water to remove any dirt, oil or creams that may be present on the skin. The presence of oils and debris can degrade electrode pads and cause problems with adhesion.  The physiotherapy electrograde tablet is attached to the relevant part of the skin, and the electrode plate is fixed and pressed tightly with a bandage (or bandage, sandbag, etc.).

Usually the Bipolar Technique is used, in which two electrodes are placed over the bulk of the muscle - with one electrode (usually the black pin) placed over the muscle’s motor point (also used in Asymmetrical Biphasic Pulse Stimulation).  

    Localising the motor point provides the cleanest and most comfortable contractions. These points can be located by using a diagram or muscle map.
Move the electrode across the skin and locate the point over the muscle that gives the cleanest contraction. Large muscle groups may require stimulation with two channels i.e. using four electrodes simultaneously.


Notes for physiotherapy electrode pad:

1, physical therapy electric grade tablets must be completely close contact with the skin

2. Clean the skin before use, and have a cool feeling when used. At this time, attention must be paid to the output intensity of the physical therapy instrument, and the slight electrical stimulation can be felt

3. If you feel too strong stimulation when using it, such as a strong tingling or burning sensation on the skin, you must reduce the intensity or temperature of the physical therapy instrument

4, physical therapy electric grade sheet packaging damage, electrode sheet dry, should not be used, so as not to cause burns

5, this product is a one-time use product, can not be repeated use, so as not to cause burn or cross infection due to the physical and chemical properties of electrical grade sheet resistance change

6. This product can be used with physical therapy instruments for no more than one hour

7, skin damaged or disabled at the local ulcers

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