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Water-drop Disposable ECG Electrodes With 3.9mm Snap

Short Description:

  • Model No.: ECG-301
  • Sizes: 50x43mm
  • Backing: Foam/Non-woven
  • Snap: 3.9mm Ag/AgClbutton
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    Product Specification

    Model No. ECG-301
    Sizes 50x43mm
    Backing Foam/Non-woven
    Snap  3.9mm Ag/AgClbutton
    Gel Solid electric gel
    Liner 0.1mm PET
    Color White
    Packing 1pc/film,  50pcs/foil bag ,4000pcs/ctn, 37*41*46CM,GW:7.5KG
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO13485/FDA

    Product Feature

    • Small/medium-sized electrode for pediatric as well as adult use.

    • Super conductive solid gel and strong adhesion for a stable and secure tracing.

    • Comfortable foam or non-woven backing.

    • Disposable medical Ecg monitoring is widely applied in clinical departments, is in danger, the necessary equipment of surgery in the patients, medical staff by ecg monitoring abnormal changes can timely find patients ecg change and abnormal situation, to make correct diagnosis in time, quickly take effective rescue measures, make the patient turned the corner and it's diagnosis and the important guarantee of rescue and treatment.

    • At present, disposable ELECTROcardiogram electrodes are all used in clinical practice, which has the advantages of convenient use, firm adhesion and non-occurrence of cross infection.

    Product Application

    > In clinical use of disposable electrodes, there are three commonly used methods to clean local skin: isopropyl alcohol degreasing skin cleaning,95% ethanol degreasing skin cleaning, gauze paper scraping skin cleaning.
    Patients who needed to use disposable electrodes were randomly selected to clean their skin, and then the electrocardiogram of patients with disposable electrodes sticking for 24-28h and the situation of sticking local skin were statistically analyzed.
    > The unstable electrode was judged according to which lead electrocardiogram was unstable and which lead electrocardiogram was stable. Then, the skin was judged to be damaged according to the comparison between the sticking part and the surrounding skin after the electrode was removed and the pain caused by applying 75% alcohol.
    > The skin allergic to the adhesive and ethanol was not considered

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