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Disposable Electrosurgical Hand Control Pencil

Short Description:

  • Model No.: QD1001
  • Disposable : yes
  • Pencil color: Blue
  • Control type: Hand control, button swith
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    Product Specification


    Disposable yes
    Pencil color Blue
    Control type Hand control ,button swith
    Electrode type 70mm stainless steel tip
    Cable length 3m PVC-medical cable
    Maximaloutput current 1A
    Frequency confine 0-1MHZ
    Package 1pc/paper bag 200pcs/carton,69*30*38Cm GW:17KG  NW:16.5KG
     Type Of Sterilization  Ethylene Oxide Sterilization(EO)
    Certification ISO13485,CE

    Product Advantage

    Instruction for Use 

    1.   Use aseptic technique when removing a single use ESU pencil from  pouch.

    2.Check electrode connection for secure fit  . If  electrode is changed , ensure that the new electrode is fully inserted . Remove protective sleeve  from  electrode.

    3.   Plug pencil connector into the socket of the Electrosurgical Generator.

    4. To activate cut mode ,depress CUT swit ch.To activate coag mode, depress COAG switch.Ensure  that generator responds correctly.

    5. Please check  the expiration date beofore use.

    Designed with the surgeon in mind
    Slim and lightweight, tapered ergonomic design, streamlined design,
    • Slip-proof handling and water resistant Rocker or Push-Button Switch
    • Switch and buttons designed for smooth activation
    • Equip with a range of monopolar cutting and coagulation electrodes to satisfy all users requirements.
    • With hexagonal shape to protect against inadvertent twisting, the electrodes can be locked safely into place and are easily
    exchanged and replaced.

    • Contraindications of electrosurgical pencil
    Electrosurgical pencil is widely used in clinical practice. It uses the high-frequency and high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip to heat, cut and stop bleeding when contacting body tissues, so as to achieve the separation and solidification of body tissues. It has the advantages of thorough hemostasis, convenient operation and shortened operation time. The contraindications mainly include patients with pacemaker installed, contact with combustible materials, and other contraindications.

    > Patients with cardiac pacemaker installation: high-frequency electrosurgical pencil can not be used in general, because the electrosurgical pencil current will interfere with the operation of cardiac pacemaker, making it work abnormally or even stop;

    Contact with combustible materials: Electric arc will be formed when the surgical electric knife is used, and flammable materials will burn or explode when encountered. Therefore, flammable materials should be avoided in the surgical area. Mannitol enemas are forbidden in intestinal surgery to avoid explosions. When using iodine and alcohol to disinfect the surgical area, towels and surgical film can be spread before alcohol is completely dry and volatile, and alcohol cotton balls should be removed from the operating table in time.

    > Other precautions: Repeat use of disposable negative plate is prohibited, and cross-infection and burns should be prevented. At the same time, the smoke and particles produced by the electric knife are harmful to human body, so they should be removed in time. In addition, can not blindly increase the output power, to prevent increased body tissue damage. After use, the eschar on the electric knife head should be removed in time to keep the electric knife clean and dry. Avoid washing the electric knife with bubbles directly, or it may be damaged easily.

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