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Waist Brace Adjustable Waist Support Belt Trainer Waist Support

Short Description:

  • S/M: 88*23/ 68-80/ 26.7-31.5
  • L/XL: 103*23/ 80-94/ 31.5-37
  • XXL: 118*23/ 94-112/ 37-44.1
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    Measure waist at the level of your Navel. Not the Pants size

    S/M 88*23 68-80 26.7-31.5
    L/XL 103*23 80-94 31.5-37
    XXL 118*23 94-112 37-44.1

    Product Instruction

    √ The belt protects the lumbar spine. In the acute phase of lumbar disc, lumbar trauma and lumbar instability of the acute episode, the belt can protect the lumbar spine.
    Belt can also play a role in reducing lumbar activity and stress, promote injury, inflammation and recovery.

    However, patients should pay attention to the usual, do not need to wear a belt when lying in bed.
    In addition, after the acute period of the patient, after the relief of pain symptoms, the belt can be removed, to avoid the phenomenon of degenerative atrophy caused by wearing the lumbar spine muscle for a long time.

    • Belt selection details

    > Belt strength adjustable: choose the belt, to have sufficient strength and convenient adjustment, so that when wearing can be adjusted according to their own body shape, waist size, disease, to give a stable support and protection of the lumbar spine, effectively limit the action of overextension, excessive bending, rotation and so on.

    > Fit lumbar curvature: good belt, to be able to adapt to the body's waist shape and posture, give lumbar enough power compensation. Appropriate fit degree, powerful force compensation, can make the lumbar back muscle get help and rest, promote the lumbar back muscle strength and skill recovery.

    > Belt width suitable: belt in the abdomen of the human body to be narrow, in order to sit or bend, at the same time can avoid due to tightening abdominal pressure, the formation of lumbar disc pressure and affect the rehabilitation effect of lumbar disc.

    > Fabric breathable and light: the protective belt of fine and thin breathable fabric facilitates skin breathable, so as to avoid the generation of skin problems caused by sultry airtight, sweat accumulation in the process of wearing, it is best to choose the protective belt of a four seasons that can be used.

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