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EUS Disposable Neutral Electrode For High Frequency Surgery

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  • Use the number: Disposable
  • Can you customize it: Support Custom
  • Packaging: Single package 1pc/foil bag
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    Disposable Disposable Disposable
    Support Custom Support Custom Support Custom
    For Adult For Child For new born baby
    QD202B-A QD202B-P QD202B-1
    Bipolar /Split Monopolar/single  
    Pre-attached with 3m cable N/A  
    Pre-wired / No Wire Pre-wired / No Wire Pre-wired / No Wire
    120*220mm 106*165mm 82*118mm
    Packaging Single package1pc/foil bag


    Carton Size 60*29*30cm45*45*28cm


    GW: 14.8kg

    Certification ISO13485,CE,FDA510K  

    Product Detail

    Strong adhesion , yet gentle removal.

     Standard plugs work with most electrosurgical generators.

    • Flexible 3M cord for easy set up and drapeability.

    • Impermeable foam backing and non-conductive adhesive border securely seal out fluids creating a moisture-safe barrier.

    • Thin. flexible hydrogel ,or adhesive gel pads confirm to a variety of anatomical sites and allows easy removal without pulling air or injury to skin.
    Single use only

    Latex free.

    • Neutral electrode is divided into monopolar negative plate and bipolar negative plate, children negative plate and adult negative plate, negative plate with line and no line negative plate.

    • The grounding plate without a line needs to be equipped with a negative plate connection to connect the host.

    • Common negative plate connection has a negative plate connection with REM plug, and a negative plate connection with HIFI plug.


    > The first contact area, we all know that the smaller the contact area, the higher the current density, the higher the heat generated, the higher the risk of scald, so it is important to ensure that the negative plate is fully attached.

    > The second is to check the direction of the negative plate. The local temperature will rise due to the different current densities received by the two negative plates,The correct method of application is to align the middle line with the surgical area, so that the current received by the two negative plates can be balanced.

    Finally, check whether the disposable negative plate is reused. The repeated use of disposable negative plate cannot effectively control the risk and is absolutely prohibited.

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