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High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

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  • Input Voltage : AC220V
  • Working Frequency : 300KHZ 512KHZ
  • Input Frequency : 50HZ
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    Product  Advantage 

    1.Fast cutting speed, good hemostatic effect, simple operation, safe and convenient.

    2. Compared with the traditional use of mechanical scalpel, the use of high-frequency electric knife in clinical practice can greatly shorten the operation time, reduce the amount of blood loss and blood transfusion, so as to reduce the complications and operation costs.

    3. compared with other electrosurgical tools (such as laser knife, microwave knife, ultrasonic knife, water knife, semiconductor thermocoagulation knife, etc.), high frequency electrosurgical knife is suitable for a wide range of surgery, easy to enter the surgical site, simple operation, reasonable performance and price.Intelligent Cutting.

    Product Technical 

    Working Mode


    Hyper Cut 300W 400Ω
    Pure Cut 250W 400Ω
    Mixed Cut 1 150W 400Ω
    Mixed Cut 2 120W 400Ω
    Mixed Cut 3 80W 400Ω
    Forced Coagulation 150W 400Ω
    Spray Coagulation 120W 400Ω
    Bipolar Coagulation 100W 50Ω
    Input Voltage AC220V  
    Input Frequency 50HZ  
    Working Frequency 512KHZ,300KHZ  
    Working Mode High cut, pure cut, blended cut, endoscopically cut, soft coagulated, forced coagulated, jet coagulated, bipolar coagulated


    1.  Inflammable and explosive gases, liquids or other substances are not allowed in the operating room, because sparks and arcs will be generated during high-frequency electrosurgical surgery, and inflammable and explosive materials will burn or explode when encountering sparks and arcs.

    2. Patients with pacemakers generally cannot use high-frequency electroknife, because high-frequency will interfere with the pacemaker, make it work abnormally or even stop.

    3.Grounding Plates must be properly connected and positioned with a large enough contact area with the patient's skin

    4. The output power of electric knife should not be increased blindly, and the limit should be just to ensure the operation effect. Because any risk in high-frequency electrosurgical surgery increases with the increase of power.


    Applicable Department

        General surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, Cardiothoracic surgery, anorectal surgery Available in Neurosurgery, microsurgery, ENT, plastic surgery and etc. under low power mode.Cooperate with endoscope, laparoscope, cystoscope for minimally invasive surgery .

       Quanding Medical electrode will provide intimate applicability and convenience, lower risk, longer service life,and excellent electric coagulation and cutting effect.

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