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Menstrual Nursing Instrument For Period Cramps & Pain-relief With a Rechargeable.

Short Description:

  • Model : KBE-101
  • Color: Pink, Blue, purple
  • Product Size: 50*48*20 mm
  • Charging time: About 2.5 hours
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    Product Specification

    Model # KBE-101
    Color Pink, Blue, purple
    Product Size 50*48*20 mm
    Technical highlights Adopting Japanese advanced TENS technology, combined with the traditional Chinese medicine meridian principle, blocking pain nerves and relieve the menstrual pain.
    Power of the main body <60mW
    Rated input of charging  5v/500mA
    Charging time About 2.5  hours
    Battery 3.7v/80mAh  lithium  battery
    Working hours 25-30 minutes each time. Can work for a continuous 5 hours if charged fully.
    Impulse width 100us-350us
    Frequency 2Hz-120 Hz
    Work Pattern 3 modes, 15 intensity
    Packing  List Main bodyX1, Electrode plateX4, Electrode wireX2, USB power lineX1; Instruction manual X1, Product certificateX1, After-sales service card X1, The secrecy of the Menstrual Nursing Instrument X1
    Certification GB4706.1-2005, FDA

    Product Advantage

    A small device that is both noiseless and discreet allows you to use it anywhere you may need.  This means whether you are at home, on the go or at work, you can get the pain relief you need.

    Product Detail

    Easy to operate and easy to use ; Open with a single click,Can relieve pain shortly.

    • High-grade soft and skin-friendly PU material.

    • High quality gel: slim, smell less, durable.

     Pure silver layer conducts the biological wave faster and more evenly.

    • USB charging, long rechargeable polymer lithium battery inside.

    Product Use

    > Intimate and reliable.

    Spend 30 minutes a day and improve your menstrual pain easily.

    Tens provides weak electrical stimulation to the nerve, blocks the pain nerve, and relieve the menstrual pain.

    Carboo Menstrual Nursing Instrument uses a non-invasive physical therapy to relieve menstrual pain safely and effectively , which has no side effects compared to medication.


    1. The user of heart pacemaker or patients with serious heart rhythm problems, forbidden to use.

    2. In the operation of machines or driving, forbidden to use.

    3. This dysmenorrhea analgesic instrument is specially used for women dysmenorrhea, other pain treatment is not recommended to use.

    4. Dysmenorrhea analgesic instrument has analgesic and adjuvant therapeutic effects on primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic inflammatory disease.

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