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Portable TENS / EMS Therapy Massage For Muscle Stimulator And Pain Relief

Short Description:

  • Name: TENS/EMS Multi-functional therapy instrument
  • Pattern: 15types
  • Massage intensity: 20 levels
  • Channel: 4 channels
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specification

    Name TENS/EMS Multi-functional therapy instrument
    Pattern 15types
    Massage intensity 20 levels
    Channel 4 channels
    Material ABS PC
    Battery Life 21 days (in maximum level)
    Operating temperature  0-45 degrees Celsius
    Default working time  60 minutes
    Maximum output power <0.25W
    Body weight 98g
    Box Package 22*3.8*17CM  GW: 330g
    Carton Package 47*37*44CM  40Pcs/carton  GW: 14.5kg

    Product Advantage

    FM-Q15 Digital Dual Channel TENS Machine for Fast & Effective Pain Relief - Nerve Stimulator for Back, Knee, Muscle & Joint Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica and Arthritis - Large Display & Accurate Control.

    Product Detail

    TENS intelligent multi-function therapy instrument, simulates real person massage;

    4 output channels, 15 kinds of massage techniques, 20 levels of strength can be adjusted;

    Promote metabolism and improve muscle soreness;

    Low voltage, low power consumption, stable performance;

    Simple operation, easy to carry.

    Product Function

    > Acting on nerve and ganglion segments, it can produce reflex effect and regulate autonomic nerve function.

    Improve the tension of smooth muscle.

    Exercise muscles, cause skeletal muscle contraction, prevent muscle atrophy.

    Promote local tissue blood circulation and lymphatic reflux.

    Pain-relief and promote healing after wound surgery.


    1. Contraindications
    Spasmodic paralysis, bleeding tendency, acute suppurative inflammation, skin lesions, local metal foreign bodies, pacemaker and its vicinity, etc.

    2. The patient takes a comfortable position to relax the muscles, expose the treatment site, and find out the muscle points that need to be stimulated.

    3. Start the power supply and slowly adjust the current intensity to cause not too strong but obvious visible muscle contraction without obvious skin pain. (Too strong current will cause pain and muscle contraction, stiffness and trembling, contraction first strong and then weak, treatment qi still have a stiff and uncomfortable feeling.)

    4. During the treatment , shall not be rude to remove the electrode, shall not be free to increase the current, so as not to be shocked. During the treatment, the patient should not arbitrarily move the body position, so as to avoid burns caused by shifting the position of the electrode liner and direct contact with the skin due to electrode shedding. There should be no pain and burning sensation under the electrode during the treatment. If there is pain during the treatment, the treatment should be stopped, and the electrode should be checked to see if the electrode slides off and touches the skin or if the electrode and liner are uneven, so that the current is concentrated at one point. If burns do not occur, they should be corrected. If burns have occurred, treatment should be interrupted and symptomatic treatment should be given.

    5. Before starting treatment, patients should be told how they should feel during treatment, and the treatment dose will increase slowly. During the treatment, patients with local sensory disorders and blood circulation disorders should be inspected frequently, especially to prevent burns.

    6. At the end of treatment, slowly adjust the current output back to zero, turn off the power, and remove the electrode and liner.

    7. After the treatment, tell the patient not to scratch the treatment site, and use toner if necessary.

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