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Conductive Hydrogel Replacement Gel For EMS Muscle Stimulate

Short Description:

  • Model Number: TE-E20
  • Backing: 2PCS PET
  • Sizes: 64*38mm
  • Roll size: 13.8-23㎡
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    Product Specification

    Product Type Gel pad
    Model Number TE-E20
    Backing 2PCS PET
    Sizes 64*38mm
    Roll size 13.8-23㎡
    Thickness 0.75-1.6mm
    Origine Gel Japanese , Chinese, American
    Liner 0.1mm PET
    Liner Color White, Orange, or customized
    Packing 1pcs in a sheet, then 6pcs in an aluminum foil bag
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE / ISO13485 /FDA

    Product Advantage

    Biocompatibility gel is more sticky, reusable up to 30-50 Times.

    √ Economical and practical. 

     Latex-Free hydrogel is healthier.

    √ Transparent, non-irritating ,high adhesion.

    √ Sealed do no store with other unclean goods.

    √ It’s recommended for special persons to avoid mixing used with multiple people.

    Product Application

    > Hydrogel physiotherapy electrode produced by Quanding Medical , using hydrogel matrix and conductive material as conductive adhesive layer, hydrogel with water as the dispersion medium of gel. Is a kind of polymer network system, soft, can maintain a certain shape, can absorb a lot of water.

    Hydrogel-conducting polymers that respond to signals from the outside (changing their volume or releasing substances) are smart materials that are commonly used as drug delivery systems, carrying both drugs and electricity.

    > The principle of physical therapy of electrodes is actually the electrode slice corresponding treatment on the human body parts, such as some special points, and then let the therapeutic apparatus is connected to the cathode, and the pulse generated by a therapeutic apparatus is enters the body through the patch, is like countless electric acupuncture, simulated acupuncture, as well as the role and function of the massage treatment.

    > Hydrogel physiotherapy electrode is suitable for all kinds of low and medium frequency therapy instrument, with far infrared rays, can promote blood circulation, after use to a certain extent and range can also kill the bad cells of the disease, and the electrode is very soft and elastic;

     > Hydrogel polymers have good biocompatibility and are suitable for all parts. In addition, the style of the electrode is also more diversified, suitable for most people who need it, and it has good conductivity, and uniform electrical impedance.

    > There is no need to worry about the uneven current due to the uneven electrical impedance will sting the skin when youre using it .

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