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AL Foil Gel For Electrosurgical Neutral Electrode

Short Description:

  • Model Number: TE-E23
  • Backing: Al Foil +PE
  • Roll size: 19-23㎡
  • Thickness: 0.75-0.85MM
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    Product Specification

    Model Number TE-E23
    Backing Al Foil +PE
    Roll size 19-23㎡
    Thickness 0.75-0.85MM
    Origine Gel Quanding Medical produced
    Liner 0.1MM
    Packing 45*45*28CM  GW: 30kg
    Report ROHS
    Certificate ISO13485  FDA 

    Product Detail

    Products are divided into two kinds of monopolar type and bipolar type, including pre-wire and without wire two types .

    √ Negative plate with wire type consists of plate, wire and plug. The product plate is composed of adhesive insulation backing, viscose, conductive aluminum foil, conductive adhesive and transparent polyester film layer.

    √ The backing material of the plate is polyester fabric, the viscose material is acrylic ester, and the conductive adhesive material is acrylic polymer. The product is disposable use.

    √ Suitable for high frequency surgery, the electrosurgical RF current is evenly distributed on the conductive surface of the whole negative plate, providing a

    Product Function

    Lowest impedance.

    • Perfect adhesion to the skin.

     Compatibility with electrical scalpels, adhesive cohesion, compliance with coating and cutting tolerances, biocompatability…

    The medical hydrogel for neutral electrodes developed by Adhesive ensures optimal conductivity.

    • Single coated conductive medical hydrogel on a PET aluminium foil.


    > Choose the right loop neutral plate.  

    > Should choose high quality with double foil loop soft loop negative plate, disposable loop negative plate is forbidden to reuse, cutting, overlapping.   

    > According to the patient's body shape and weight, the appropriate size of the negative plate of the loop is selected, and the negative plate is required to be strong and easy to tear.   

    > For burns, newborns and other patients who can not paste the negative plate of the loop and metal implants should choose bipolar electric coagulation, capacitive circuit board or ultrasonic knife.  

    > Check the validity period, completeness, defects, discoloration, attachment and dryness degree before use;  The negative plate of the loop which is expired, damaged or water based gel becomes dry is prohibited.  The negative plate of the loop should not be stacked, and should be used immediately after opening the package. 

    How To Use

    > Use the Achilles boot at a 90 degree Angle and place three heel pads under the cover.

    After a week of use, recover quickly can remove the bottom layer of the heel mat, remove one every week or one more day.

    However, the removal of heel pads also depends on the recovery of the individual.

    When the Angle is restored to the front heel of the foot can be upturned, then adjust the Angle of the boot, so that the boot in a certain range of activities, the swing Angle is not too large, must be less than the range of motion of the bare joint, so as to better recovery.

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