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Throat TENS Machine Replacement Pads for EMS Stimulator

Short Description:

  • Model Number: TE-B23
  • Sizes: 88×50mm
  • Backing: Non-woven/PU/PET/Foam
  • Connector size: 2.2mm/2.5mm
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    Product Specification

    Model Number TE-B23
    Sizes 88×50mm
    Backing Non-woven/PU/PET/Foam
    Connector size 2.2mm/2.5mm
    Gel Chinese gel/Japanese gel/American gel
    Color White, Black, Blue,Brown,Pink,Option
    Packing 2pcs/film/foil bag
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO/FDA

    Product Advantage

    Soft and Comfortable to use
    √ Quanding Medical tens unit pads are made of soft non-woven backing, flexible, and easily conform to any contour of your body, super comfortable to use on your back, shoulder, leg, arm, neck, calf, etc.
    √ These tens electrodes with black carbon conductors provide superconductivity, no shocks or burns during the electric therapy sessions.

     Safe for use at home
    √ Quanding Medical electrode pads, the medical-grade electrodes have been proven to work perfectly for electrotherapy.
    √ Pre-gelled with latex-free gel adhesive, the tens unit electrodes are less irritating to your skin, safe for daily treatment and pain relief.

    Easy to Use Anytime Anywhere
    √ Pre-gelled and packaged in a resealable plastic bag, Quanding Medical electrode pads are convenient to use on various occasions anytime and anywhere, such as offices, gyms, and homes,s, etc. helping to take care of muscles, seamlessly banishing soreness and stiffness.

    Product Function

    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is widely used for pain relief, arthritis, muscle recovery, and conditioning.

    • Quanding Medical tens electrodes feature a solid-carbon pad, universal connector, and medical-grade non-irritating gel for maximum conductivity and re-usability. These TENS replacement pads are professional quality and very popular with Healthcare practitioners for in-house use with their professional electrotherapy devices and a preferred choice for your personal use TENS Unit.

    • White non-woven cloth backing for extreme comfort and flexibility, the tens unit replacement pads are perfect to treat pain in the knee, calf, thigh, elbow, arm, neck, shoulder, wrist, hand, lower and upper back, and much more.

    • All our gel electrodes are LATEX-FREE and packaged in a resealable pouch and an extra small plastic bag is for convenient storage and longer-lasting.

    Product Application

    Before Application:
    1. Clean and dry the application area. Remember to only apply electrodes to unbroken skin.
    2. Open and remove electrodes from packaging. Remember to keep the original packaging.
    3. Peel electrodes away from the release sheet by lifting the edge of the electrode.
    4. If electrodes seem dry, or the pads don’t stick, add a few drops of water to moisten the gel and wait a few minutes to allow water to re-hydrate the adhesive gel.
    5. Place electrodes on the treatment area. Apply finger pressure to the edges and press down on the entire electrode to assure adequate contact with skin.

    1. Gently peel off the electrodes.
    2. Wipe off electrodes with a non-alcohol wipe or rinse with cold water and wait for it to dry. The sticky side should remain up so it does not adhere to anything.
    3. Place the sticky side of the electrode on the clear sheet it arrived in and put it back in the packaging.
    4. Store electrodes in a cool, dry place not exposed to bright light or any extreme temperature as it may have a permanent adverse effect on the gel. Electrodes can also be kept in the fridge to maximize their lifespan.

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